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If you want to make some noise, you’ve landed on the right page. TFTK offers cultural programming, content (brought to life) and curated events, to create hype and spread the relevant word of mouth, which effortlessly gets earned media. Tap into this marketing resource as a communication tool or as a business development tool – or both. 


We don’t just report on culture and future trends. We shape culture. We are plugged in and enjoy kudos among cultural shapers. We have even been responsible for creating movements that have truly struck a chord, from white collar boxing (today it is part of the sports/entertainment landscape like football but someone did it first!) through to ‘cool knitting’ (hailed in its heyday as ‘one of the most influential micro-trends shaping global youth culture’), traffic-stopping parties during Fashion Week (purely word of mouth!) or being instrumental in putting the food and single plastic waste on the public agenda. Over the past two decades, we’ve built up a portfolio of prestigious collaborations with the world’s leading cultural institutions, music festivals, social enterprise, co-working places, business accelerators, private members’ clubs, including a decade-long annual monthly retainer with the sought-after Soho House Group and connected brands as partners. PR, brand, cultural institution, start-up, social enterprise, charity or venue wishing to be associated with ‘the first to know’, please get in touch.


  • Word of mouth
    Word of mouth is a more powerful medium than advertising and yet cost far less. It’s the know how and who you know, not how much you spend that gets you influence and advocacy! Staging unique concepts with inspired content, ahead of the curve, and carefully selected invited audiences (influencers who influence influencers) to create today what the consuming crowd will be doing tomorrow. These microcosms, based on shared values and authentic beliefs, will attract opinion formers and will be irresistible to cool hunters – but only the ones truly in the know – will know. Everyone else will be reading about it on social media and the press the following day. 


  • Collaborating for the better good   
    Hosting talk-based experiences that celebrate innovators, who drive future trends by challenging the status quo with inclusivity and sustainability at its heart. Initially based on bringing to life The 2.5%, it’s about moving on with change makers, ahead of the curve, towards a more climate equitable and socially just world. 

TALKS and Q&As

  • Lunch-time presentations, sessions at away days or conferences and Q&As
    Get a feel for ‘the first to know ’ universe, a unique insight into those who shape the future mainstream consumption behaviour, with a talk by Dr Lida Hujić, TFTK’s principal (for further credentials check her biog and in the media page or follow @LidaHujic)

If you'd like a little bit more information to help you consider how this might work for your Brand or Business, click here to get in touch.


Curated events 


Maverick Mondays


Talks and Q&As

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