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TFTK supports clients address challenges on a short, medium or long-term/breakthrough innovation time scale. We do so by tapping into a universe where the future has already happened to help you invent your own version of that future and construct a market for it. Our thinking is informed by ‘the first to know ’ cultural framework, our unique approach to identifying at the earliest stages the small changes that will have big impact. We foster collaborative creation approaches to innovation by facilitating connections with individuals a step ahead from the consuming crowd, sourced from TFTK’s Trailblazer Web . This robust combination enables us to future-proof decisions and manage risk. When necessary, we 'upcycle' your existing in-house knowledge by looking at it through a fresh lens, thus repurposing what's been overlooked. In work as in life we believe in 'waste not, want not'. Knowledge is power – TFTK equips you with the best from the cutting-edge to give you the future-proof competitive edge.


  • Breakthrough innovation
    explore future opportunities now by tapping into the universe of those for whom the future has already happened - ensure your Brand or Business stays relevant by tapping into our expertise and connections with The 2.5%  


  • Developing new ideas or repurposing existing stock   
    high energy workshops to develop new products (NPD), services or creative briefs (advertising/marketing; design; broadcast commissioning and programme development) or to repurpose existing ideas that are currently collecting dust (and make them work and ready to go!) - agile and suited for risk-managed incremental innovation (also great for cross-functional & cross-cultural team bonding!)


  • Futures immersion modules 
    knowledge exchange by getting out of the office and living the life of Mavericks that challenge the status quo and give strong indication that their visions are the disruptive business models shaping the future; alternatively, we can get you immersed into a day in the life of the non-conformist Alpha Trend Setters 


  • Time out 
    study trips to explore new environments or even familiar ones but through the lens of those who live alternative lifestyles as well as blaze the trail in new ways of doing and thinking

If you'd like a little bit more information to help you consider how this might work for your Brand or Business, click here to get in touch.


White spaces

 “Coming soon..."


Innovation workshop  

 “Still the best workshop I’ve ever attended” Global Communication Manager, Feminine Care


Learning tours  

 Not for tourists trails or immersions into universes of disruptive innovators

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