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TFTK is a hub of experienced insight and innovation marketers, communications specialists, project managers, ‘creatives’ (with diverse skills ranging from graphic design to film making, spanning traditional and digital media) and developers (looking after digital properties in general and TFTK’s online platform TFTK.CLUB in particular). In parallel, TFTK boasts an enviable global network of inspired individuals (sourced from TFTK’s Trailblazer Web). Each project is populated with the most relevant talent to complement client teams and work collaboratively to aim for outstanding results. We are at the forefront of new ways of working, with no offices and yet access to the most desirable environments across the world, where we work and play, with no full time employees and yet with connections to the most competent and committed 'no collar' working force. 



TFTK is the brainchild of Dr Lida Hujić. Fascinated by how idiosyncratic ideas become the norm, she has built up a reputation for her ability to anticipate the next big thing. Her practice revolves around her passion for non-conformists, who challenge the status quo for the better good. She spreads this contagion through consulting, curating events and hosting talks, public speaking engagements and authoring two books. 


As an insight-led innovation consultant, she specialised in identifying growth opportunities for Blue Chip Companies across market sectors. Equally, she worked in supporting market disruptors, forging new market categories and developing more inclusive and sustainable businesses. She’s been at the forefront of applying new methodologies in marketing including ethnography and co-creation (first introducing this idea on a NPD project for P&G, when there wasn’t yet a name for it) and most recently applying her own the-first-to-know innovation diffusion model. Her past experience includes working for London-based New Solutions and New York City-based Sterling Brands, strategic innovation agencies each taken over by Omnicom.

Lida’s corporate practice is combined with insider knowledge of leading-edge cultures and how new trends are formed. Her credentials include phenomena that truly struck a chord, such as 'cool knitting' (hailed at the time as 'one of the most influential global micro-trends shaping youth culture') and being one of the original members of The People’s Supermarket (TPS), which brought the issue of food and single plastic package waste on the wider public agenda. Lida has extensive knowledge of the fashion industry, including being part of the ‘family’ of one of the most influential high end labels since its inception.

Lida is the author of The First to Know : How Hipsters and Mavericks Shape the Zeitgeist and, her second book, The 2.5% : Small Group - Big Influence. A frequent public speaker , expert commentator and occasional contributor to a diverse range of publications, she’s also been featured as a trend setter in a variety of international magazines and radio & TV shows (e.g. here). She has a PhD about music television from Goldsmiths College , hailed as a 'pioneering analysis' for which she was awarded 'London Student of the Year' (1996) and a MTV Video Music Award in 'Best Academic Achievement' (1999), a specially created category for her.

For speaking engagements, Lida is represented by Specialist Speakers agency, contact Daniel Rix, director, by calling:  +44 (0)203 002 4125 or by email him:

'Lida Hujić has that rare talent for being at the right place at the right time and she specializes in showing up at the birth place of the cool. Given her unique combination of marketing savvy, fashionista chic and incisive academic analysis, she reports from the frontline of the future. Glenn Adamson, curator, formerly director, Museum of Arts and Design, New York; head of research, Victoria and Albert Museum, London




cool knitting

"one of the most influential microtrends shaping global (youth) culture"


The People's Supermarket

"what started as a small co-op in London has attracted world-wide interest"



"global tribe, ahead of the curve"

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