TFTK is a hub of experienced insight and innovation marketers, communications specialists, project managers, ‘creatives’ (with diverse skills ranging from graphic design to film making, spanning traditional and digital media) and developers (looking after digital properties in general and TFTK’s online platform TFTK.CLUB in particular). In parallel, TFTK boasts an enviable global network of inspired individuals (sourced from TFTK’s Trailblazer Web). Each project is populated with the most relevant talent to complement client teams and work collaboratively to aim for outstanding results. We are at the forefront of new ways of working, with no offices and yet access to the most desirable environments across the world, where we work and play, with no full time employees and yet with connections to the most competent and committed 'no collar' working force. 



TFTK is the brainchild of Dr Lida Hujić, an insight-led innovation consultant specialising in identifying growth opportunities for Blue Chip Companies across market sectors. She’s been at the forefront of applying new methodologies in marketing including ethnography and co-creation (first introducing this idea on a NPD project for P&G, when there wasn’t yet a name for it). Her past experience includes working for London-based New Solutions and New York City-based Sterling Brands, strategic innovation agencies each took over by Omnicom.

Lida’s corporate practice is combined with insider knowledge of leading-edge cultures and how new trends are formed. Her credentials include phenomena that truly struck a chord, such as 'cool knitting' (hailed at the time as 'one of the most influential global micro-trends shaping youth culture') and being one of the original members of The People’s Supermarket (TPS), which brought the issue of food waste on the agenda. Lida has extensive knowledge of the fashion industry, including being part of the ‘family’ of one of the most influential high end labels since its inception.

Lida is the author of The First to Know : How Hipsters and Mavericks Shape the Zeitgeist and, her second book, The 2.5% : Small Group - Big Influence. A frequent public speaker , expert commentator and occasional contributor to a diverse range of publications, she’s also been featured as a trend setter in a variety of international magazines and radio & TV shows (e.g. here). She has a PhD about music television from Goldsmiths College , hailed as a 'pioneering analysis' for which she was awarded 'London Student of the Year' (1996) and a MTV Video Music Award in 'Best Academic Achievement' (1999), a specially created category for her.

For speaking engagements, Lida is represented by Specialist Speakers agency, contact Daniel Rix, director, by calling:  +44 (0)203 002 4125 or by email him:

'Lida Hujić has that rare talent for being at the right place at the right time and she specializes in showing up at the birth place of the cool. Given her unique combination of marketing savvy, fashionista chic and incisive academic analysis, she reports from the frontline of the future. Glenn Adamson, director, Museum of Arts and Design, New York; formerly head of research, Victoria and Albert Museum, London



A commercially astute, emotionally empathetic leader of marketing services businesses with global experience, Crispin has run companies in the brand & innovation consultancy sectors as well as network advertising and independent design agencies. He also has the benefit of client-side experience.

He brings extensive practitioner skills across marketing, brand consultancy, innovation and communications strategy and execution, leading many successful projects.

He also advises start up businesses in various roles and is a Visiting Lecturer in corporate strategy at Majan University College, Oman and in innovation at the University of Bedfordshire Business School.



Dr Nick Gadsby is a research consultant and trained anthropologist with over 15 years experience providing genuinely insightful solutions and innovations. His ability to transform cutting edge trends into mass appeal ideas have proven invaluable to some of the world’s biggest brands including P&G, Mondelez and General Mills. His work has taken him from Brazil to Asia. 

Nick has written and presented numerous papers at conferences ranging from the MRS to ESOMAR on significant cultural trends, including how to create brand magic and understand consumer imagination. He was nominated for Best Presentation at the MRS Conference in 2015 for his paper on Newness and Innovation while in 2012, he ran a workshop entitled ‘Futurecraft: Imaging (and Playing) the Brands of the Future’ that had participants build an entire world of the future and role-play interaction between brands and consumers, which was very well received. 

A trailblazer of the gamification trend, he presented papers on Massively Multiplayer Online Games as far back as 2007 and was nominated best workshop at the MRS Conference for ‘Nerdtopia!’. He completed his PhD on gaming and digital culture in 2014 at UCL. 

Nick has taught ‘Social Sciences Made Easy for Research’ on the MRS Advanced Qualitative training course. He also lectures at the Anthropology Department at UCL and on marketing and innovation at Regents University. Prior to TFTK, he was co-founder of Lawes Gadsby Semiotics where he was responsible for some of the most impressive strategic branding work including the re-branding of Charmin to Cushelle and the development of Tide Sport.



Josh Jones is an experienced UK-based journalist, editor, interviewer and quality content producer across media (print, video, digital). He’s worked internationally with some of the biggest names in music and art. Josh especially likes making ‘zines, books and magazines. He is the guy who put together the 68-page programme for graffiti artist Banksy's much-publicized Dismaland. Josh’s vast experience includes being the music editor for Red Bull and Head of Artists Partnerships for O2 Academy TV/The O2 YouTube channel as well as contributions to Esquire, Clash, Nowness and Time Out London, to name a few.

Publications that Josh is currently looking after include being the Features Editor for le cool and Editor for The Special Request. Collaborating on an issue for the latter is how Josh and Lida met, thus exemplifying how TFTK operates through organic connections. Josh brings all these skills to TFTK, which means that he is in charge of producing superb debriefs in any format for clients wishing more than a powerpoint deck (options range from impactful executive summaries through to visually stimulating experiences); he manages trailblazers in the course of insight and innovation projects; he occasionally acts as a connector. Josh is also an expert in music and street culture, so he may take part in that capacity in projects that require excellent knowledge in this area.



Shelley Tabakman comes to TFTK with a rich and varied skill set. Her career path has gone from teaching to audiology in major hospitals and private practice to being the first technology research coordinator for the Division Of Services For the Deaf and the Hard Of Hearing in the state of North Carolina, USA. She was able to use her organisational, research, computer and communication skills and ability to motivate people of various cultural backgrounds. This also required a degree of maverick spirit, as “technology” was a new concept for everyone working at the division at the time, including Shelley herself. And it is precisely this combination of the right attitude and skills that is required to be the Online Community Manager (OCM) for TFTK.CLUB, TFTK’s bespoke fully responsive online research platform. Shelley acts as the bridge between the participants in research and clients (if they wish to join the online community), thus bringing a human element to what is already a very intuitive, fun-to-use technology. She also supports moderators in handling all the rich data in multiple formats. Having recently moved to London from New York, Shelley has taken initiative to make new friends, through pursuing her passion (painting) and volunteering at her local Oxfam bookshop.



Matt Lee is a seasoned developer with a fascination for Open Source forum development, in particular PHP and JavaScript. For non-developers, this means that Matt looks after TFTK.CLUB, TFTK’s bespoke fully responsive online research platform. Matt is the person behind what might appear to be the impersonal “admin” email, which participants get when invited to join. In his free time, Matt enjoys electronic music and playing Destiny on the Xbox 360.

cool knitting

"one of the most influential microtrends shaping global (youth) culture"

The People's Supermarket

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