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We support clients anticipate changes that will affect their Brands and Businesses. We feel that enlisting individuals for whom the future has already happened in this endeavour can cut the speed to market and alleviate risk. From the nature of being a step ahead of the consuming crowd, such individuals (Trailblazers) are more likely to open up new horizons rather than play back what you already know. By the same token, if you’re looking for opportune brand activation tactics, individuals who are au courant are the best networks to tap into, as they are the hidden influencers/cultural makers, whom the mainstream market will follow, starting with 'early adopters'. To generate breakthrough insights, the assets that make us different are: TFTK’s Trailblazer Web , our global network of highly desirable but difficult to reach individuals and ‘the first to know ’, our cultural framework to help future-proof strategic decisions. Connect with our Trailblazers, face to face (co-creation, round tables, in-depth discussions), in situ (ethnographic and semiotic approaches) or through our intuitive online discussion platform, built with high resolution touch devices in mind, automatically switching from one device to another, TFTK.CLUB : just click, swipe or tap!


  • Keeping the pulse on (emergent) cultures 
    let TFTK fix you with carefully picked Trailblazers  so you can stay a step ahead - whether you are a brand manager ensuring that your short-to-medium term strategies stay fresh or an innovator exploring new, disruptive horizons (or monitoring change to future-proof your new ecosystems) – access your Trailblazers periodically through TFTK.CLUB or via face-to-face interactions or both


  • Activating or Energising ideas 
    have your own exclusive group of Trailblazers  anywhere in the world on stand by - and call upon them for whatever, whenever – a developmental block? a burning question? - canvass Trailblazers for their feedback or opinions via TFTK.CLUB


  • Ask the right question
    understand what mainstream consumers will be thinking in the future by asking the right questions today – step into the universe of Trailblazers, who will open up horizons that you never know existed and therefore couldn’t think of asking (these are bespoke, one-off projects to suit your needs – as opposed to periodical offerings)

  • The Future of...  
    understanding a thematic of your choice by tapping into our expertise in pin-pointing emerging cultures and connections with Trailblazers to ensure your Brand or Business stays relevant 


  • Lunch-time presentations, sessions at away days or conferences and Q&As
    get a feel for ‘the first to know ’ universe, a unique insight into those who shape the future mainstream consumption behaviour, with a talk by Dr Lida Hujić, TFTK’s principal (for further credentials check her biog and in the media or follow@LidaHujic)

If you'd like a little bit more information to help you consider how this might work for your Brand or Business, click here to get in touch.


Talks and Q&As

Get a feel for ‘alphas’ and ‘mavericks’ to learn something insightful and get inspired


(Cultural) Insight

Uncover latent needs by engaging with Trailblazers

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