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Interview with Lida Hujić by Robert Bound, Culture Editor, about the rise of MTV Europe to mark the 25th anniversary, on The Culture Show (episode 43), 6 August 2012. Based on the section of The First to Know book, which describes the 'rise and fall' of MTV Europe.

“Culture 43: We talk art with Michael Peppiatt, reflect on 25 years of MTV Europe and visit Anthony McCall’s first solo exhibition in Berlin.”

“On the 1st of August, MTV Europe celebrated its 25th birthday. Did it change the way Europeans enjoyed music? Did it join people together in their living rooms to enjoy Johnny Halliday videos? Did it make lots of money and change the way satellite broadcasting worked? Well, you’d want to ask a doctor of MTV these questions, wouldn’t you? And that’s just what I did. Lida Hujić is the world’s only doctor of MTV and author of The First to Know about this subject [in Part II, the 90s]”. Listen to the interview here: 

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