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In the first of a three-part series entitled Maverick Mondays, at Soho House, 7 October 2019, Lida Hujić, the Houses' 'resident cool innovation expert' was joined by Krisi Hayman, Managing Director of Makerversity, a curated community of maker businesses, Harriet Warden, Creative Director of Blackhorse Workshop, a public space for making founded by Assemble, the architecture outfit and only 'non artists' to have won the prestigious Turner Prize, and Han Ates, founder of Blackhorse Lane Atelier, the made-in-London sustainable jeans. The panel explored the ever changing concept of maker spaces, a new type of urban institution for curated communities of radical individuals, collectives and start-ups, which is aimed at cultivating and disseminating the culture of making and mending by pushing the frontiers of design. Maverick Mondays series brings to life Lida Hujićs new book The 2.5%: small group, big influence. The book features Makerversity.


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