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Luxury Leaders: The New Premium Consumer, Brand Paper by Lida Hujić, Brand Strategy Issue 198, pp 32-33

This piece of research, taken from the study 'Geek Chic' (keynote at many international conferences, including Insight 2005, listed previously In The Media) created a lot of international buzz at the time. The 'Hoxtonite' feature in The Guardian is the same idea in the consumer language and shows how the ideas resonated with the wider public. (Incidentally, this article generated a lot of conversations in the emerging blogosphere - "among the most blogged articles" at The Guardian at the time.) This idea would inadvertently become the foundation for the book 'The First to Know: How Hipsters and Mavericks Shape the Zeitgeist' (2011) and subsequently TFTK's cultural framework for insight and innovation. Put to the test again in 2014, the new study 'To Mitigate Risk, Keep your Eyes open for Dilligafs', building on that same framework has been generating a lot of interest on the conference circuit and the media (some listed, see 2014 trade press coverage on this page), which, in turn, was developed into the-first-to-know innovation diffusion model as proposed in the book ‘The 2.5%: Small Group, Big Influence’ (first published, 2019).


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