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BUS RESPONSE: Life in Lockdown through snapshots of London’s iconic red buses

Various publication throughout 2020 - 2021

As UK’s nation’s capital city continued to be crippled by the Covid-19 pandemic, from ‘supermarkets’ (as per previous blog post), leading documentary/street photographer Dougie Wallace shifted his interest onto London’s iconic red buses. Public transport provided a great case to uncover the social consequences of Covid-19 and the measures to contain it. The documentation of life through street shots of drivers and commuters through Wallace’s lens put into the spotlight the underserved, who did a heroic job of serving us all. Once again, Lida Hujić put the pictures into a social context. Versions of Bus Response were published by Institute (Media), Cold Type, The Guardian (as photo essay) and culminated with a publication of Wallace’s photography as a luxury limited edition book by Dewi Publishing (2021). Photo @Dougie_Wallace


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