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24 September, 2019, Shoreditch House, east London

Co-living, an emerging trend, not only offers a real solution to the problem of unaffordable living in desirable urban centres but it is also a response to a genuine change in lifestyle patterns whereby sharing is replacing ownership. It is designed for digital nomads, a rising globe-trotting army of freelancers and remote workers in the creative and entrepreneurial industries. Against the backdrop of 'gentrification', which has assumed many negative connotations, so much so that a whole generation of Millennials is routinely dubbed as 'generation rent', co-living is bucking this trend by forging a new definition of community.

To help us paint a full macro picture of this new emerging lifestyle, Lida Hujić, resident cool innovation expert at Soho House Group, was joined by: Irina Listovskaya, Product Director, and Ed Thomas, Head of CX (Customer Experience) at The Collective, pioneers of co-living and Vicky Spratt, award-winning journalist and activist, the face of 'generation rent' and author of the forthcoming book Tenants: Stories of Britain's Housing Shame (2020).


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