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Soho Farmhouse, 13th December 2021

Another one bites the dust... Sadly another event cancelled due to on-going COVID 19 pandemic restrictions. By the end of 2021, the hospitality industry shyly started to host live events again but it was still risky as cancellations at the last minute were still a threat. Indeed this is what happened with this event. The idea was to stream this event to members of all Houses of Soho House private members' club, via the newly set up Soho App with a small audience live mingling with the panel. Sadly, in spite of all distance keeping and hygiene measures taken, all events were cancelled due to the new rising virus variant.

The event was described as follows in Soho House literature, website and members' App - quotation:

Dress-up with Dame Zandra Rhodes…

Two of the UK’s most infamous fashion designers, Dame Zandra Rhodes and Pam Hogg, join forces at Soho Farmhouse for a Live Room like no other. They’re heading to the Farm with their friends, Piers Atkinson and Lida Hujić, where they’ll use their own collections from years gone by and the present day to dress a number of Soho House members in the ultimate Christmas ensemble. They also walk us through their fabulous careers from the late 1960s to now. This fashion squad is joined by Aja Barber, author of the book, Consumed, which explores consumer culture.


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