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Esomar Fusion Conference, Dublin14 November, 2018

Innovation Diffusion in the Digital Age: Qual-based innovation diffusion model seeking smart tech to create fusion future Grounded in social science, the-first-to-know innovation diffusion model demonstrates the role of different categories of innovators in spreading the word of mouth. Is it possible to combine it with a data system to further support its predictability?


'If we want to predict the future with any certainty, the best place to start is to speak with those people for whom the future has already happened, that is the group whom Lida's model describes as Alpha Trend Setters. In an extraordinarily engaging presentation to a mixed audience of qualitative researchers (already a little uncomfortable in the company of the data scientists) and data scientists (a little cynical in the company of qualitative researchers whose papers appeared to contain no data), Lida brought her First to Know Innovation Diffusion model to life in a way which captivated and won over both groups. Lida described how her approach enabled brand owners to identify the small signs of big changes early on which can help them future-proof their businesses. She spoke of the importance of translators in the innovation diffusion process, and Lida's presentation powerfully blended traditional models with her own insights to create an understanding of COOL, which was both a technical highlight of the FUSION conference and created a real buzz at the event. The fact that Lida is on first-name terms with some of the influencers who inform the coolest people in fashion and culture certainly added to her credibility, and yes, I got a selfie with her!'

Peter Nash, Chair of Programme Committee, ESOMAR FUSION Conference, Dublin 2018


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