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Omladinski Program Radio Sarajevo rare archive to celebrate 30th anniversary

“They had knowledge, they had ambition but, above all, they had guts”.

Omladinski Program Radio Sarajevo 2 (1987 – 1992) was a groundbreaking alternative radio station whose team today is described in the local media as “the legendary generation of radio broadcasters”. 

Its 30th anniversary would have been on April 9th 2017. To mark this jubilee, truly rare archive recordings of three shows were found and converted into digital formats. They include SANDY (albeit only one half of the show!), which was one of the two highest rated shows on Omladinski at the time, HONKY TONKY and POZITIVNA GEOGRAFIJA BROJKE I SLOVA. 

Omladinski went live on air from 14 – 20 hours every weekday and Saturdays, yet this archive is all that is preserved – unless there are some fan recordings lurking around. Programmes are in Serbocroat but you can also find a podcast in English for the 25th anniversary that went live on the award-winning Resonance FM on this day, April the 9th, 5 years ago, coupled with an event at Rough Trade East, London.

You can also read more about Omladinski in The First to Know, the book written by one of its core team, Lida Hujić with a period film archive:

Journalists and bloggers said about Omladinski:

“They were the best FM station in the Balkans. It was impossible to imagine afternoons without Zoka’s (Stevanović) hysterics on Mondays, Saša’s (Savić) brainstorms and Lida’s (Hujić) female issues” [listen to SANDY on Mixcloud].


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