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PANIC AT THE SUPERMARKET: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Re-wrote Supermarket Protocol

Various publications - throughout 2020

Faced with news headlines that were often confusing, at times fear-mongering, but usually morbid, as the Covid-19 pandemic carved its deadly path of contagion across the world, leading documentary/street photographer Dougie Wallace set out to document in his distinctive style the “only show in town” – shopping for food. As supermarket shopping became the main focus of social life, he caught the moods and fashions, with seasons changing from totally Baltic through to what they call in Wallace’s native Glasgow 'Taps-Aff ' weather. Lida Hujić expressed in words Wallace’s pictures, as they depicted the unfolding of the new normal under Covid-19 lockdown. This documenting of the changing rules of supermarket shopping etiquette, whilst celebrating the unsung heroes of this emerging protocol, led to a series of articles for prestigious international publications including The Economist/1843, Lens Culture, Institute (Artists) and the radical Cold Type. Photo: @Dougie_Wallace


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