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SHOULD WE KILL FAST FASHION: expert panel debate hosted by Medinge think thank

22nd September 2022, Medinge Group, London

‘WE STAND FOR BRANDS WITH CONSCIENCE’. Medinge is a think tank of brand experts and visionaries from around the world whose purpose is to influence business to become more humane and conscious in order to help humanity progress and prosper. It is their belief that organisations have a broad responsibility to all their stakeholders. Yet many organisations still treat their customers and other audiences as objects and try to control their brands. Their argument is that a brand is created together with others for the benefit of the organization, its stakeholders and society.

Medinge hosted a day of discussions and debates with a purpose to do good, divided into 4 salons under the umbrella 'the future of': brand, finance, fashion and food. Each panel topic had a 'provocateur' introducing the debate, followed by an expert panel discussion. The fashion panel was as follows:

'The production of clothes and textiles is one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world and will need to reduce its total C02 output to below 1.1 billion metric tons by 2030 (48% decrease) to prevent irreversible damage to the climate. This is more challenging given that there will be an additional 1 billion people living on our planet by 2030! Equally, the price we pay for our clothes is a factor of the exploitation of cheap labour. Companies’ public disclosures are limited and unregulated… So should we kill Fast Fashion? What will fashion brands look like in the future?'

Gillian Lipton acted as the provocation and led the debate with the expert panel: Brigitte Stepputtis, Dr Lida Hujić, Tamsin Lejeune, Sandra Horlings, Clare Lissaman, Marco Marchesi, Andy Last.


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