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Soho House, London, 26 November, 2018

The 2.5%, is the brand new book by Dr Lida Hujić, our resident expert on all things cool, which explains the cyclical process of how idiosyncratic ideas become the norm. A ground-breaking interpretation of the “innovations diffusionâ€, its focus is the elusive category of Innovator, a small and difficult to reach global network of trend-setters, whose influence is mighty. Book early to avoid disappointment! Lida presented draft ideas for The 2.5% last November, under the working title of 'who's influencing influencers?' to a room packed to the max. We had to turn people away.

Feedback from attendees, following Lida's presentation:

It was very current. There is no one like her. It was really relevant, important and informative. She is trying to inform people about stuff that no one else knows about.

It's about looking outside the box. At first, I couldn't even fathom what the talk was going to be about. It was great. It changed my whole [marketing] industry perspective and, I work in the industry.

She's really hot.


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